Snoring & Chronic Cough After my first nasal cranial I was able to breathe better than I had in my entire life. My stress levels went way down. I was apprehensive about my first procedure, not looking forward to having tools up my nose, but I’m so glad I did it and have done it 4 additional times since!

Eric Christensen Avatar
Eric Christensen

Sinus Congestion & Anxiety After having the Nasal Cranial Balloon release done I immediately felt a decrease in lifelong sinus pressure. My emotions stabilized quite a bit and I noticed a decrease in my anxiety.

Cyd Ornaellas Avatar
Cyd Ornaellas

Post Concussive Syndrome I was suffering from post-concussive syndrome after being hit on the head by a surf board. I had a hard time focusing in school. I suffered from many headaches and had difficulty breathing which made me unable to practicipate in much. Post treatment I was able to focus on school, stress and tension in my body were relieved. My asthma decreased. Because I could breath better and and my headaches improved, I was able to start doing things I wanted to do again.

Kieran Ornaellas Avatar
Kieran Ornaellas

Neck Pain & Anxiety Dr Fourzan has significantly improved my pain and has allows for mobility to return to my neck and shoulders. More recently I’ve done the nasal cranial balloon combined with the laser and found that it’s done so much more than help with my sinuses. My anxiety levels have dropped and have stayed that way. Dr Fourzan is also incredibly affordable and his office staff make you feel right at home. I look forward to my visit each time.

Jen Heinichen Avatar
Jen Heinichen

Back pain and Sleep apnea Dr Fourzan is a true healer, he has enabled me to play competitive sports again (roller derby) and had cured my breathing problems & sleep apnea. I highly recommend his healing methods... he looks at the whole person, not just the problems.

Zen Ross Avatar
Zen Ross

Knee Injury Dr. Fourzon is a miracle worker. He is extremely knowledgable and intuitive. When I strained a ligament in my knee skiing, he helped me heal so I was able to avoid surgery. I have a chronic autoimmune condition that he helps me manage, above and beyond structural adjustments. I highly recommend him to friends and family, as well as everyone else!

Susan P Avatar
Susan P

Chronic lower back pain I have been treated by Richard for well over a decade. He cares deeply about his profession and his patients. Richard corrected a chronic low back pain pattern I suffered from for more than 7 years. I have recommended his facility and staff countless times and will continue. Thank you Richard and Staff

Jeff G Avatar
Jeff G

Chronic lower back pain I've been seeing Dr. Fourzon for over 15 years. When I visit regularly, I stay in tip-top shape. The gentle adjustments and laser therapy work like magic. I highly recommend Dr. Fourzon -- especially to anyone who may have felt they've been injured or hurt by other chiropractic treatments. I promise this is unlike any other chiro treatment you've had!

Misty M Avatar
Misty M

TMJ I couldn't sit in my patrol car without low back pain. I was also bothered by fatigue and indigestion. When Dr. Fourzon suggested it was all related to my jaw, I was skeptical. But after treatment, I am pain free and have a high level of energy, for the first time in years.

Jon Bixler Avatar
Jon Bixler

TMJ After a car accident, I had 4 months of medical and physical therapy treatment, but I continued to grind my teeth and suffer from facial and neck pain. Then my dentist referred me to Dr. Fourzon. I was stunned by how fast his approach helped me.

Kathleen Kelly Avatar
Kathleen Kelly

TMJ I had accepted my headaches, achy hips and TMJ popping and cracking as normal until they went away after N.O.T. treatment.

Debbie Myers Avatar
Debbie Myers

Pinched Nerve What was most special for me, was sensing how Dr. Fourzon was 'feeling' into my body and my being, right 'there' with me. I am an empath myself, highly sensitive, and it was marvelous to know the doctor was actually tuning in to that level. I'd come in for help with a pinched femoral nerve condition and more and was impressed with the state of the art offerings, all around.

Marcia Singer Avatar
Marcia Singer

Shoulder & Chronic Headaches Dr. Fourzon has been my Chiropractor since 2005! My monthly adjustments are so important for my physical and mental health. I have also used the laser treatment for some neck and arm pain with amazing relief.

Kathy Beck Riedel Avatar
Kathy Beck Riedel

Hip & Back Pain Richard's skills combined with bedside manner make a visit to his office both helpful and pleasurable. I am generally a skeptic but the proof is in the pudding -- things change after Richard treats you. It's great how he is always learning and discovering, and helping his patients to do the same.

Karen Fass Avatar
Karen Fass

Shoulder Pain I was referred to Dr Fourzon by a friend. My teenage daughter had been suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain from sports injuries for several years. We both have been treated by many different chiropractors never getting sustaining results until Dr Fourzon. It is amazing that such gentle techniques make such a difference. He is both thorough and informative. I truly cannot say enough. His program has changed both our lives. We now live without pain. Thank you Dr Fourzon!

Linda P Avatar
Linda P

Chronic lower back pain One word ! Amazing !!!! Back to living life to its fullest ...

Kat K Avatar
Kat K