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Erchonia 635 Low Level Laser

What’s Missing in Healing Chronic Shoulder Dysfunction?

There are 2 key components that are involved:

1. A loss of neurological sensory and motor control of the shoulder muscles.
2. Chronic inflammation and tissue damage.

These 2 components have to be successfully addressed for longterm success.

These frustrating problems are very common. Rotator Cuff implies that one or more of the tendons that attach the four key movers of the shoulder is damaged or torn. In Rotator Cuff problems pain and restriction of motion will be in very specific directions. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) is when the shoulder has become “glued” to itself and has very limited range of motion in most directions.

We have developed a very comprehensive and successful approach in helping these problems. Read on to understand how you might be helped.

The Neural Dysfunction: Re-Connect!

The loss of normal neural connection from muscle and joints to brain and back from brain to muscles and joints is the key reason function is not returning. This is fundamental in the Chiropractic concept of Body-Brain-Connection: nothing can heal, let alone function normally without clear neurosignals from the body to the Brain.  This is often why post surgical repairs don’t result in full function – the hardware is good, but the neural control is not.

To correct this errant neuroconnection, we utilize a very sophisticated neural re-patterning technique called NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT, click here for more details on this). Also utilized are low force instrument adjusting (click here for more details on this) to the restricted joints of the shoulder, ribs and spine to restore motion and alignment.

In both Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder there is always fibrotic restrictions in the myofascial tissue (the “glue”), we therefore utilize percussion and the FAKTR techniques to clear the adhesion that prevent full range of motion.

Inflammation and Tissue Damage: Low Level Laser Therapy!

Chronic inflammation cause tissue damage (and pain) because it prevents blood from delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients and the cells actually suffocate and die.  We utilize the most advanced Low Level Laser, the Erchonia 635 (click here for more details)  to block the pain/inflammation cascade and energize cellular regeneration for both pain relief and tissue repair for longterm results. Low Level Laser Therapy has been scientifically proven with over 3000 clinical trials over the last 40 years and has been one of our secrete weapons in helping our patients breakthrough many different chronic pain patterns for many years.

Instrument Adjusting

WOW-FAKTR with Pin Laser

FAKTR with pushes ups & vibration

FAKTR with elastic band


What we do: restore the neurological (key!) and  joint movement, release the soft tissue adhesions with our manual modalities and block the pain/inflammatory cascade and help the body regenerate new tissue with Low Level Laser Therapy. This is a unique and comprehensive approach that restores global function of the shoulder.  In addition each patient is given a personalized home care program to follow through on.

Low force instrument adjusting utilizing the Variable Adjustor is effective, gentle and safe method of restoring joint position and motion. It is faster than the human hands and can be applied in multiple directions on the same joint in a manner of seconds. The WOW-FAKTR retrains the myofascial (muscles and connective tissue) around the joints to relax and begin to allow for normal elastic movement it should normally have. The WOW-FAKTR is used in many dynamic positions, depending on how the shoulder was hurt and what activities trigger the weakness or pain and is often used with class 3 laser simultaneously.

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