Meet Dr. Richard Fourzon

Dr. Fourzon has been in private practice as a chiropractor since 1988. After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College-West, he has focused on helping the most difficult cases, researching the “missing link” for healing. He was helped by chiropractic at the age of 20, when he was told to “live with his back Pain” by his Family Physician. Ever since that point he has never taken conventional wisdom as the last say in what is possible in healing or in life. One of his favorite sayings is “Nobody knows everything and if you can’t find answers with what you have, you have to keep digging for your own solutions”.

He truly has a wholistic approach to healing, addressing the Structure, Bio-chemistry and Emotional sides of the Triad of Health. His main technique is called Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), an Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) method of whole body analysis, low force instrument adjusting as well as state of the art Laser Therapy (Class 111 & 1V) and a specialized soft tissue therapy called the “WOW-FAKTR” . He believes it to be an honor and a privilege to help people in their healing process.

On the personal side, Dr. Fourzon is an avid dog person, is a nationally ranked tournament chess player, has been seen Lindy Hop swing dancing, and is still looking for Joe Montana to come out of retirement.

Lacey Graham, Office Manager

Lacey’s organizational skills have been called “insane” by the New York Times. In 2016 she won the noble peace prize for customer service. At the little known German Office Olympics Lacey took home not one but 15 golds, out of 14 categories.

Patients call her the “best at her job!” Dr. Hagan has described her as “exemplary!”  Dr. Set states, “she brings a really good energy to the office!” Dr. Fourzon exclaims, “Best hire ever!”

Lacey spends time with her perfect teenage children who never, ever talk back. She also enjoys gardening in her ever flourishing organic vegetable garden that is always watered on time and never has weeds, spending time with her partner who always picks up his socks and constantly feeding her 5 cats, 4 chickens and small dog who would never dream of barking obsessively at every sound.

When we had a moment to catch up with Lacey, we asked her what her best trait was. After a moment of reflection she replied “Being humble.”