A new brain centered approach to correcting chronic dysfunction in the body.

N.O.T. is a unique blend of Chiropractic, Craniopathy, Acupressure Merdian Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology, delivered in a very specific sequence to the brain’s 6 primary neural network systems for survival. These primary neural networks carry vital sensory information to the brain, as well as command signals from the brain back to the body systems for optimum function.

N.O.T. is a “systems approach” to healing. Many stubborn health problems are actually not individual spinal, nerve, muscle, or organ problems, but disrupted neural network systems to the brain that govern them. N.O.T. focuses on correcting this key and often overlooked dysfunction to restore optimal health.

The Six Primary Neural Network Systems of the Brain

  1. Spinal Coordination – Motion, balance and global postural control
  2. Fight/Flight -T.M.J./adrenal stress reaction
  3. Digestive System
  4. Immune System
  5. Endocrine/Hormonal System
  6. Learning and Language capacity of the Brain

These Primary Survival Systems of the body that allow us to breathe, eat, think, walk, etc… without conscious effort and are the governing control of all sub-systems in the body. Each system has its own “blueprint” of neural relay circuits that are vital sensory inputs to the brain to evaluate and respond appropriately for optimal survival.

Injuries Alter Normal Sensory Input to the Brain

Science is showing that chronic dysfunction is often caused by a disruption of normal sensory signaling to the brain from the Primary Networks.The disruption is cause by physical, emotional and/or chemical injury or overload to the body. Examples of this are whiplash and concussions. Because of altered sensory input, the brain then perpetuates a chronic one dimensional mal-adaptive response in one or more of the Primary Systems that is globally damaging if not corrected.

Normalizing Sensory Input to  the Brain

There is a specific N.O.T. corrective protocol for each of the Primary Neural Networks. The key is to “re-synchronize” all the component parts in the neural network so that sensory signaling to the brain is normalized. This is done by utilizing the tools below in a very meticulous sequence in each system, link by link. Dramatic changes can occur as the brain now releases old patterns and complicated cases become simplified.

Organ Reflex Points- Acupressure Meridian Balance

Cranial Release- Synchronizing Brain and Global Coordinating

Muscle Re-Patterning- Releasing Mal-Adaptive Muscle Guarding

Atlas and Sacral Adjustments- Key Neuromechanical input to the Brain

Who can benefit from N.O.T.?

Anyone, regardless of age, who has a recurring health problem can benefit from N.O.T. treatment. Especially it the “usual & customary” medical or chiropractic treatment has failed. Even those who “just don’t feel right” and want to find out if something can be done so they can feel well again.


These “small people” can suffer from the same problems as an adult. This is particularly true where learning disabilities, scoliosis, posture, colic, allergies and ear infections are concerned. A lifetime of potential health problems can be avoided.

What you can expect

Once the six primary neural circuits are reconnected, complicated patterns become simple. Treatments are gentle and painless and results are seen quickly. You can expect a truly unique and remarkable experience as normal function and energy returns, and the pain finally disappears.