Dr. Fourzon is a miracle worker. When I strained a ligament in my knee skiing, he helped me heal so I was able to avoid surgery Susan Price

Restore joint and neurological functions in hip, knee, and muscles.

Hip and knee disease and surgeries are dramatically on the rise. There is 6-8% failure rate as well as a 1.4% mortality rate with these procedures, so it should not be taken lightly.

The common reasoning given for the rise is increased osteoarthritis from weight gain and sedentary lifestyle. However, except for blunt trauma, it is rarely mentioned what the organic cause is the majority of the time: Chronic Neuromechanical dysfunction of the leg that slowly weakens and damages the joints and soft tissue over time. Remember, dysfunction always occurs before disease. This is usually due to long forgotten stress and strains on the body.

While it is true that that poor lifestyle adds “weight” to joint disease, and these need to be addressed (not just for your joints but for you whole body and life!) the same exact dysfunction occurs in active, healthy people.

Correcting the Cause

We have great success in not just reducing pain, but restoring function and establishing longterm results because we address the two key components required for successful results: Neurological Function and Tissue Regeneration.

1. NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT).

We utilize this very sophisticated neural repatterning technique to correct the errant neuro-connection. Also utilized are low force instrument adjusting to the restricted joints of the hip, knee, and spine to restore motion and alignment. Soft tissue therapy is also extremely important to release adhesions so we utilize special myofascial release techniques (Percussion and FAKTR techniques).

2. Low-Level Laser Therapy – Tissue Repair & Regeneration

Chronic inflammation causes tissue damage (and pain) because it prevents blood from delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients and the tissue cartilage weakens and degenerates.

We utilize the most advanced Low Level Laser, the Erchonia, FX 635 to block the pain/inflammation cascade and energize cellular regeneration for longterm results. Low Level Laser Therapy has been scientifically proven with over 3000 clinical trials over the last 40 years and has been one of our secrete weapons in helping our patients breakthrough many different chronic pain patterns for many years.

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