I have seen patients incredibly released from pain, stress and nagging injuries that just would not heal under other therapies… I can speak personally now…for the first time in 25 years I am symptom free from the repercussions of two neck and head injuries Paul Yeager

TMJ & Chronic Health Problems

New research is showing that TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint or Jaw Joint) is implicated in many far-reaching health problems throughout the body. It is often referred to as TMD (Temporo-Mandibular-Dysfunction). The jaw joints are not just passive hinge joints for chewing food or talking. Its dysfunction and correction may prove to be the key to many unresponsive chronic pain symptoms.

Surprising Relationship

Many of these symptoms can obviously be related to TMJ dysfunction; grinding of the teeth, jaw clenching, tension, clicking, facial pain, ear pain, tension headaches and general stress.

Others symptoms can still related, however, they are less obvious; neck and shoulder tightness, low back pain and stiffness, dizziness, indigestion, hiatal hernia, irritable bowels, anxiety, sleep problems and general fatigue. How can these be related to the the jaw?

Chronic Stress & the TMJ

Whenever the body is in a chronic stress state due to physical or emotional overwhelm, it will often get “stuck” in a chronic alarm state involving the fight/flight survival system. This alarm response is initiated by the clenching of the jaw muscles and this sends a cascade of effects throughout the body.

The flight/Flight System

The fight/flight system is designed to protect the body in times of danger, heightening muscle strength and increasing adrenaline and cortisol for emergency energy and protection. However, if the fight/flight system inappropriately stays “on” because of chronic stress or pain, it interferes with the jaw and related functions because it perpetuates chronic clenching. This will also perpetuate chronic metabolic overload because of the increased adrenaline and cortisol-this is called Sympathetic Dominance and doesn’t allow the body or the mind to “Chill and Heal”.

The Functions of the Jaw Joint

Fight/Flight reactions, in times of perceived danger, cause the jaw muscles to automatically clench to protect the vulnerable jaw joint and skull. This also signals the spinal muscles to tighten to protect the neck and low back. This is part of the fight/flight reaction, although it should normally relax when the danger passes. If stress or pain levels are unresolved , it can get stuck in this chronically tight pattern. A person may experience jaw clenching, tension, headaches, grinding of the teeth or vague sense of anxiousness. Many people will report that it is just difficult to “relax and let go”.

Muscle Coordination When the muscles are chronically being told to “brace” for danger, they can become fatigue and weak. Simple movements like walking or bending become inefficient and eventually cause irritation to weight-bearing joints stuck as the neck and low back. The head can become “heavy” because the neck muscles are fatigued, and the low back becomes prone to injury. The body can tire easily.

Digestion A basic function of the jaw is chewing food. This movement sends specific signals to the digestive system, putting it on alert that food is on its way. Any problem with the jaw can have a negative impact on digestion. For example, if the body is in a chronic alarm pattern, digestion functions will be turned “down” (it is a non-essential function during fight/flight alarm periods) creating chronic indigestion, heartburn or bowel problems.

A New Approach


Combining principles from chiropractic, craniopathy, acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing) Dr. Richard Fourzon uses a new and promising approach called Neural Organization Technique. It is directed at the root cause of many chronic health problems-the fight/flight alarm reaction of the TMJ.

Treating the Whole Pattern

The whole body is used as an instrument for correction. Coordinated in a very specific sequence, pressure point release of the internal and external muscles of the jaw are performed. Cranial reflex and acupressure meridian points are stimulated in a specific order to balance the fight/flight response, muscle coordination and digestive functions of the jaw. Myofascial retraining of the soft tissue surround the jaw, neck and cranium is addressed using the “WOW-FAKTR” as well as Class 4 Laser Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation deep inside the jaw joint muscles, ligaments and even disc to facilitate healing damaged tissue.

Treatments are painless and can usually be completed in a few weeks.

Feeling Good Again

As the alarm reaction is turned off, the jaw muscles begin to relax; physical coordination and digestion begin to work smoothly. As the pain and fatigue disappear, feeling good can become a reality, even after years of discomfort. This remarkable approach has proven successful for many difficult and frustrating cases and could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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