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How Does Laser Therapy Work?

How does it work?

wavelenght.jpegEveryone who experiences or even just hears about the amazing results with therapeutic lasers wants to know, how the heck does it work?! Well, the bottom line is that it gives energy to injured or sick cells so that they can start to function normally again. Once cells start to function normally, weakened/ damaged tissue can start to repair. Body parts, body systems, and the whole body in general will begin to function again.

All laser beams utilizes a light wavelength energy form on some frequency in electromagnetic lightwave spectrum. The infrared and near infrared light frequency spectrum has been shown clinically and scientifically to stimulate cell repair. Please note, this is different from medical lasers that cut away or destroy tissue or tumor cells.


Ok, so there is a light wave giving energy to the cells, what exactly does that do to help things heal?


p_laser.gifVery specifically, the mitochondria of the cell are what produce ATP. ATP is the fuel that allows cellular function to occur. When mitochondria are sick, weakened, damaged, or overloaded with toxins, ATP production lowers and therefore cell function is decreases. If cell function is lowered enough, cell death occurs! When this happens a lot, there will eventually be symptoms that develop and then it will be called a DISEASE, and depending on what part of the body the injured or dying cells happen to be in, there will be different names or diagnoses of disease- arthritis, neuralgia, carpal tunnel, irritable bowel syndrome, and so on. These are all considered diseases because normal cellular function has declined. We hope that this will help you to look at health and disease a little differently now.

Photosynthesis.jpgNow, back to the mitochondria. It has on its membrane surface, special light receptors that it uses to capture light for energy (somewhat like photosynthesis for plants). These light receptors are called, Chromophores. Guess what the laser wave beam stimulates? Yes, that's right, the Chromophores, which capture the energy from the laser, which in turn, stimulates the mitochondria to start producing ATP, which allows for normal cell function and the healing begins! This whole process is called "Photobiomodulation" in the research jounals.

This means immune cells start fighting infection, other cells start draining out inflammation, and blood flow increases. This brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the damaged cells and tissue. However, there is one more really great thing about the laser- laser therapy can

"Laser therapy can actually stimulate the cells to start regenerating normal cell genesis...particularly blood vessels."

actually stimulate the cells to start regenerating normal tissue as in muscles, cartilage, disc, and peripheral nerves. In particular new blood vessels can be generated to continue to delivery blood flow after laser therapy. In other words, whatever the cells do innately to survive, heal, and function- they will start doing when they have enough energy and nutrients!

That is why the laser therapy has such an amazing and broad application for so many health problems. This is particularly true for the latest laser therapy technology that has been developed.